Karcsúsító Club 160 Kiev Sviatoshyn

Caribbean Club Is one of the oldest clubs in Kyiv. It was opened first at 1998, then in 2013 it was opened once again. The venue was changed after big .A brave combination of medieval style and the latest musical trends at first sight can cause easy dissonance. In fact, Saxon – is the only nightclub in Kiev, where .SC Chaika Petropavlivska Borshchahivka is a Ukrainian football club from Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion, just outside Kiev. Chaika .Sviatoshyn (Svyatoshyn, Ukrainian pronunciation: [swjaˈtoʃɪn], Ukrainian: Свято́шин, That village is in the Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion (municipality) of the Kiev Oblast (region). By roads, the suburb is located: 13 km to the Kiev city centre.Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion (Ukrainian: Києво-Святошинський район) is a raion (district) in Kiev There were some attempts to establish professional football clubs in Boyarka (Inter) and Vyshneve (Transimpeks), yet most of them failed.

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